Vulnerability on non-T2 Macs could expose encrypted data

Déjà vu? OS X and iOS are identified as the most vulnerable operating systems of 2015

One thing is true: no matter what software (size, complexity, who developed it, etc.), make sure it has * some * security vulnerability.

Throughout the history of contemporary computing, with each new security technology developed, hackers / crackers discover ways to circumvent and take advantage, in some way, of these breaches left. So, companies that leave less breaches and how they react to certain incidents do better in the security market.

According to a study released by CVE Details, the OS X it's the iOS it was the peasant platforms in security vulnerabilities discovered in 2015. In 2014, you see, Apple also topped the list.

About this disclosure, it is important to highlight some things that we even highlighted in last year's article:

  1. Windows has again been spun off in several versions but OS X, iOS and Linux have not.
  2. What really matters: security breaches discovered and fixed or those that may be being exploited right now without the knowledge of the companies / users?
  3. Not wanting to be polemic, but a fact: I don't know anyone who uses OS X and iOS who needed use some antivirus.
  4. How do tech giants react to make updates available to fix these flaws?

It is important to note that the idea is not to “shake your head” at Apple; on the contrary. These are worrying numbers and should be treated with priority within Ma. But we must have common sense in their analysis and in the reality of the platforms' performance at a global level.

The kind of argument that suggests that a platform is better or worse in security simply because of the number of loopholes published in one study, at the very least, incoherent knowing the other possible variables most computer users in the lay world on the subject of information security. Furthermore, it influences these users to an incorrect conclusion about the products available on the market.

For these and others, I strongly suggest reading this article, which discusses what I talked about in depth.

Operating system vendors have their responsibilities and they know it. But let's get back to the facts: the cat and mouse fight will never end, not least because there is a lot of money involved.

(via Gizmodo Brasil)