«Defending Jacob» shows signs of great success, but Apple TV + still has trouble keeping users

"Defending Jacob" shows signs of great success, but Apple TV + still has trouble keeping users

Another day, more news from Apple TV +.

Today, specifically, we have two good news for the streaming da Maçã, one not so good and… another video of «Helpsters», of course!

Success of «Defending Jacob»

«Defending Jacob» it was released two weeks ago with a strong cast and an engaging story – and the result, as usual, was a very warm welcome from the public. Apple does not release audience figures for its series, but industry sources have informed the deadline that the numbers of the latest Apple miniseries are encouraging!

Defending Jacob series

According to estimates, «Defending Jacob» quickly climbed the tables and positioned itself among the three Apple TV + series with best debuts. What’s more, in ten days of availability, the production audience grew by 500% – placing it as the second most popular platform, behind only «The Morning Show».

Viewers of «Defending Jacob» seem to have grabbed the miniseries: according to the sources, almost all users who watched the first episode of the production gave the play in the following two chapters – and have also watched the fourth episode, released on the last day of the 1st. This is a much greater engagement than the industry average.

The fifth episode of the miniseries (out of a total of eight) was released yesterday. Who’s watching?

«Dickinson» Peabody Award nominee

Continuing with the good news, the series «Dickinson» was indicated to the Peabody Award – or, more precisely, the George Foster Peabody Award, which rewards media products which tell “attractive and empowering” stories, without necessarily taking into account popularity. It is the first Apple TV + nomination for the award.

Altogether, for the 2020 Peabody Awards, there are 60 nominees in the areas of documentaries, news, podcast / radio, public services, children’s programming and entertainment – which is precisely the category in which «Dickinson» is running, along with 12 other nominees. Are they:

  • «Chernobyl» (HBO)
  • «David Makes Man» (OWN)
  • «Dickinson» (Apple TV +)
  • «Fleabag» (Amazon Prime Video)
  • «Float» (Disney +)
  • «Good Omens» (Amazon Prime Video)
  • «Our Boys» (HBO)
  • «Ramy» (Hulu)
  • «Stranger Things» (Netflix)
  • «Succession» (HBO)
  • «Unbelievable» (Netflix)
  • «Watchmen» (HBO)
  • “When They See Us” (Netflix)

The nominees were chosen by a jury composed of 19 people from the audiovisual field, and 30 winners will be announced on a date to be announced in the coming months – the traditional Peabody Awards ceremony was canceled, obviously due to the pandemic of the new Coronavirus (COVID-19).

Difficulties in maintaining subscribers

Even with the good news, Apple still has a long way to go before considering Apple TV + a success. The website Flixed, focused on streaming, did a survey among his readers – only those who subscribe to more than two platforms were able to participate – and obtained figures that were not very encouraging for the Cupertino giant.

The average satisfaction of the Apple TV + was 3.12 points in 4 possible – a satisfactory number, but below almost all rivals; The Netflix was the best rated, with 3.41 points. To make matters worse, while 83% of Netflix subscribers said they plan to continue paying for the service over the next year, that figure has dropped to just 44% in the case of Apple TV +, the worst number among all services surveyed.

On a more positive note, the Flixed also made an analysis of the best rated platforms by category. Apple TV + appeared as the second most acclaimed in the item «Price», behind only the Amazon Prime Video – by far, the most determining factor for choosing the service of streaming, according to users surveyed.

Flixed Research

Despite this, the Apple platform was left out of Top 3 in all other categories. THE Netflix was the champion in terms of “Video quality”, “New or recently launched titles”, “Original content” and “User interface”; The Disney + stood out in the factors “Film catalog” and “Content for the whole family”; The Hulu was the champion in the item “Catalog of series”; it’s the YouTube TV won in the “Selection of live TV channels” category.

So, do you agree?

New video from «Helpsters»

Finally, as it should be, we have another video of «Helpsters» – or, more specifically, the online miniseries «Helpsters Help You», in which the program’s characters help children to perform tasks and deal with difficult situations.

In the third episode, called «Scavenger Hunt» («Treasure Hunt»), Cody teaches the little ones a game that can be played among friends, even each one in their home:

Cute, isn’t it?

via Cult of Mac, Apple World Today, The Loop