Defective MacBooks Air hinges are not covered by Apple's warranty

Apparently, Apple has refused to cover the cost of repairing some MacBook Air units, even under warranty (with or without AppleCare). Users of their first generation (Rev. A) found that, with a normal usage time, the hinge that connects the screen to the laptop body softens, even cracking, in some cases.

Photo: LanDung2008 (via Flickr)Photo: LanDung2008 (via Flickr)

Discussions on the subject have been going on since February last year and, although well documented, are not officially recognized by Apple as a manufacturing problem, but rather “accidental”.

According to the Engadget, at least one customer was able to repair his computer for free, but he says that the decision of the manager of the Apple Retail Store he visited seemed “exceptional, to show him how good he was”. The average cost of repairing the hinge is $ 800, since the entire display has to be replaced.

The two videos below demonstrate the issue well:

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Do any of the MacMagazine readers face something similar ?!