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Deezer made available to TIM customers without discount on internet franchise

TIM has partnered with Deezer, a French music streaming platform. With the change, TIMmusic will benefit from the new partner's extensive catalog, with more affordable values ​​and no discount on the mobile internet franchise for the operator's customers. Check out the details in the article.

TIM's service is now called TIMmusic by Deezer, and will operate the catalog of 35 million songs. The great advantage of the service is that the carrier's customers will not have discounted internet franchise data for the use of the service, either in 3G or 4G network. The charge suspension is valid for prepaid and postpaid customers.

The amount for postpaid customers is R $ 9.90 per month, lower than the R $ 14.90 charged by Deezer to users who are not TIM customers. Prepaid customers can renew the service weekly, the amount of $ 2.90 per week used. To purchase TIMmusic by Deezer service, I need to send an SMS with the word MUSICA to 8000 and follow the procedure. Customers of the Liberty Express plan already have the service contracted by default, also without discount of the data deductible. The service-compatible application can be downloaded directly from the Play Store via the button below:

Deezer Music
Install on Google Play

So, are you a customer of TIM and already using the news on your Android?

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