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Deepin 15.9 gets update

Even though it was released a short time ago, Deepin version 15.9 gets new updates.

O Deepin one of the most appealing-looking Linux distributions, in the clear sense, and its latest update to 15.9 received improvements like: better touch screen compatibility, power management, multiple app fixes and more, check out our post about these improvements. deepin-update-15.9-1

Is today January 30th, more bugfixes were added to the system, demonstrating that Deepin's development team is not kidding. Here is a list of corrected errors and system additions:

DDE 15.9 +1

  • Error when pressing the shortcut Super + D to show the desktop and set a new wallpaper, the wallpaper was not displayed;
  • Shortcut errors after disabling window effects;
  • Multiple screen display issue;
  • Show Hibernate option as SWAP size;


  • Fixed bug in fullscreen mode where cones bounced above launcher;
  • Bug in search box in mini mode;

Control panel

  • Added separate switches for system sound effect;
  • Added support for SSTP VPN and VPN proxy;
  • Error that deletes the first letter of the name when creating a new user;
  • Bug fix on display in Account module;
  • OpenVPN error, which did not show TLS option;
  • Fixed bug in safe mode of hostpot, before not being able to configure WEP;
  • Error that cut the bottom of the notification list;


  • Added Hibernate option by right-clicking shutdown;
  • Improved loading of cones in the tray (system tray);
  • Fixed tooltip control size error on shutdown button;
  • Fixed leaving the dock blank when dragging and dropping cones using touch screens.

System Application Updates


  • Apt updated to version 1.8.0 ~ beta1 + deepin, with security fixes.

Deepin File Manager 4.7.5-1

  • Added advanced search;
  • Corrected the bug that deselected the file after changing its name;
  • Fixed wrong order in recent files;
  • Corrected in view mode error in directory root;

Deepin Store

  • Fixed bug in interface after deleting applications in donation list;

Deepin Terminal 3.2.1

  • Added shortcuts (Ctrl + Alt + arrow keys) to adjust app size after splitting the window.

Deepin Movie 3.2.19-1

  • Running in mini mode, the context menu was not shown when clicking the maximum mode.

Deepin Screenshot 4.1.7-1 & Deepin Screenshot (Flatpak) 4.1.7

  • Added save image function Shift + e;

Deepin Image Viewer 1.3.8-1 and Deepin Image Viewer (Flatpak) 1.3.8

Deepin Music 3.1.14-1 and Deepin Music (Flatpak) 3.1.14

Deepin Package Manager 1.3.0-1

Deepin Graphics Driver Manager 1.1.4-1

Deepin Repair 1.0.11-1

Deepin Editor

Deepin System Monitor

And are you using Deepin? Leave us comments on your experiences with this new version.

See you in the next post, here on the blog Diolinux, until there share posts, SYSTEMATICALLY!

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