Deep Freeze for Ubuntu Linux [dica]

Deep Freeze for Ubuntu Linux

So there was software that I took a long time to find, a while ago there was a program called Deep Freeze for Linux by Faraonics itself, the case that they stopped development.If you take Linux classes, whatever you need, and give significant value to software with this functionality, you'll be glad to hear that there is a similar thing to Deep Freeze for Linux.I present to you:OFRIS deep freeze linux

If you already went to a cyber caf or a Lan Houseyou must have noticed that all changes made to your system: create or delete files, settings and so on, are totally erased when you restart the computer. That what the program Deep freeze does. (if you use WIndows)

Ofris one Deep freeze Like for Linux that very easy to use – once you install ityou can "Freeze"your computer with Linux in a matter of seconds

Are we going to install?

1.Open the terminal:

sudo add-apt-repository ppa: tldm217 /

sudo apt-get update

sudo apt-get install ofris-en

The last command go install the English version of Ofris (the package called only "ofris " go install the version gives Indonesian). = O

After Install you can call it from the terminal:


And select what you want to do, such as freezing the system for one user or another user.

Later you can defrost the system the same way.

Here is a video tutorial on how to use Ofris to "freeze" your Ubuntu installation:

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