DECO warns of illegal investment offers on the Internet

The use of the Internet as a means of financial disclosure and an investment vehicle must be done with caution, warns a note from DECO Protest.

The magazine linked to the consumer protection association alerts users to the fact that there are illegal investment offers that should be avoided.

The note published by the Newsletter Savings Quinze exemplifies the bad examples with a site called FX-BR, where Portuguese investors are offered return rates in the order of 10 percent per month.

Alerting to the fact that this type of offer is illegal, since it would need authorization, the magazine indicates that a complaint has already been sent to the Securities Market Commission (CMVM).

In the same alert, it is stated that this type of profitability can never be guaranteed, so «it is either a very high-risk investment or we are dealing with a pure and simple scam», adding that these «offers» often refer to » called «pyramid schemes», whose promoters fulfill their first financial commitments, but then «disappear» after having managed to deceive enough unsuspecting investors «.

Since it is difficult to identify all kinds of similar achievements, DECO recommends Internet users to never invest in products that offer colossal gains and claim to be guaranteed.

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