Deco tests digital terrestrial television boxes

Deco undertook, through a protocol signed with Anacom, to ensure comparative tests for all set-top boxes destined for DTT that may appear in the national market.

The agreement was announced today by the authority that regulates the communications sector. The objective is to guarantee a comparative analysis of «price, quality and functionality» of the various set top boxes, «so that people have all the information that will enable them to buy the box that best suits their needs», reads in the press release.

The partnership establishes collaboration over the next 18 months and the publication of studies every two months, which can be consulted both on the association’s website and on Anacom’s.

The tests, which will be carried out on a continuous basis, will start as early as November and will include all boxes destined for digital terrestrial television that are introduced in the Portuguese market, with an updated list of models, prices, characteristics and sales places of the products being bimonthly. equipment.

The next analyzes will update the first tests for this type of equipment, the results of which were revealed in September, in the association’s magazine, Proteste.

Consumers will be able to count on this «help», at least, until April 26, 2012, when analogue television in Portugal will be definitively turned off.

The measure is part of a package of initiatives aimed at «sensitizing the population to the migration process to digital television», which currently «covers about 86 percent of the national population and allows a television service with better image quality» and audio «, adds Anacom. Even so, according to the estimates presented in June, the change is expected to affect around 1.5 million Portuguese homes.