Deco points to lack of transparency in Triple Play prices

The lack of transparency in the information on the Triple Play service tariffs (which include television, Internet and telephone) and the offer of unlimited traffic, which is not available to all customers, are the main criticisms pointed out by Deco / Proteste, which publishes an analysis 45 tariffs in its December edition.

The consumer protection association’s magazine examines the tariff plans of the various Triple Play players in the market, with consideration of offers in fiber optics and ADSL and cable, referring to 6 tricks for the right choice of the best service, among which includes contact with the various operators and analysis of the promotions offered.

Deco also evaluates three different usage profiles and runs simulations that can lead to savings of more than 300 euros per month by investing in integrated services.

The limitations of the services supported by ADSL, which require care in considering the number of computers and televisions connected and the balance with the contracted bandwidth are also references of this study.

In the analysis of the three profiles defined by Deco – reduced use, moderate use and intensive use – the association found ways to extend savings up to 314 euros, comparing the various tariffs of the operators and adding the extra costs with the set-top box and telephone calls.

The example below shows the comparison between tariffs for reduced use, with Ar Telecom presenting the cheapest proposal. PT’s Meo is the most expensive tariff.

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