Deco points out advantages and disadvantages to music stores

ITunes, PlayNowArena and Vodafone Music Store are the music stores that offer a better service to Portuguese Internet users. The evaluation is made by Deco, in the article on the cover of the February issue of Proteste magazine, and highlights the Apple portal as «Best of Test».

«Very complete catalog. Well-designed site, with fast and intuitive navigation. It also provides audiobooks, podcasts and applications. Fast transfer. Excellent software for playing multimedia files. No copy restrictions. It does not allow you to recover lost files for which you paid «, says the article regarding the iTunes Music Store.

The Apple music store also receives the «Right Choice» award, along with PlayNowArena, which is Sony Ericsson’s responsibility.

For the article, Deco / Proteste analyzed a total of seven services, the «most interesting from Portugal», meeting criteria such as navigation, payment, compatibility and recovery of tracks.

In addition to the stores mentioned above, Nokia Ovi Player, Música Online, Optimus Music Store and QMusika were analyzed – the last two «not recommended».

In general, the consumer protection association believes that the Internet is increasingly an option for music lovers, «with affordable prices and few restrictions on copying», noting, however, «that not all sites are intuitive nor, in the event of a computer failure with data loss, allow you to recover paid music «.

Deco also notes with satisfaction that some of the sites analyzed have stopped using copy restrictions.