Deco criticizes synchronized rise in youth tariffs

Deco has filed a complaint and a request for an inquiry with regulators about the «strangely synchronized and analogous» rise in some mobile communications tariffs.

At issue are the increases, in equal amount, that the telecommunications operators announced in the monthly fees designed for the youth segment.

As of January, an additional 25 to 26 percent will be paid in the monthly fee for TMN’s Moche, Vita 91 Extreme and Yod Power Extravaganza from Vodafone or in the minimum monthly load of the Optimus TAG.

The increase reaches 50 percent in some cases.

«The increase in the price of monthly fees for these tariffs for groups is about seven times higher than that announced for the remaining tariffs, in force next year», warns Deco.

If the increases announced by the mobile telecommunications operators are confirmed, we see «misleading advertising», accuses the consumer protection association. «These increases are contrary to the promises of the operators in the launch advertising to the tariffs for groups», namely the «10 euros per month forever», in Optimus’ TAG, or the «Monthly fee of 5 euros valid until January 31, 2012», at Moche Special Edition of TMN.

It should be remembered that as of January 1, 2011, the charges for 30 days will be 12.5 euros in the young tariffs of the three mobile operators, when at the moment a month costs 9.9 euros.

«The announcements and increases of TMN, Optimus and Vodafone appear in a ‘strangely synchronized and analogous manner’, which is why a complaint has already been made to the regulators (Autoridade da ConcorrĂȘncia, ANACOM and Directorate-General for Consumers) and request to open an investigation» , refers to Deco.