Deco criticizes customer support fees

The changes introduced by the operators of the mobile network in relation to the rates applied to calls to customer support «are not acceptable at all», not least because «they come to penalize consumers for issues that are the responsibility of companies», in the opinion of Jorge Morgado , secretary general of Deco.

Cited by Expresso, the official considers that there is «a strategy to end the direct contact of consumers with companies, which started with the reduction of branches» and involved the referral of customers to call centers. “Now they make contact with us difficult call centers, making it costly «, he stresses.

Since the beginning of last month, TMN and Vodafone have been charging 20 cents for each customer service call and Optimus should start doing so soon.

Subscribers to the two mobile networks that already charge for the service complain that they have not been notified of the change, although operators guarantee the opposite.

In declarations to the weekly, TMN ensures that the change was communicated 30 days in advance, through information on the invoice or message, and that it was made within the scope of updating the tariff values ​​in force since March 1st. change is justified by the need to offer a better service.

Vodafone points out that customer service was not free for most users before March 5, when the operator made the change.

From that date onwards, calls went to zero cost whenever directed to the automatic answering service, and only calls answered by an assistant are paid, the operator guarantees.