DECO credit simulators close to 40 thousand consultations

Credit simulators made available over the Internet by DECO total, to date, 37 thousand consultations.

The figures were put forward by the consumer protection association in a balance sheet relating to the first six months of operation of the SOS Crise line, a telephone service created with the aim of helping the Portuguese with credits to beware of over-indebtedness, which received more than three thousand calls.

With the five credit simulators made available online by DECO, users can find out which is the best bank to obtain a home loan or whether it pays to change banks or whether it is appropriate to combine several credits into one.

In addition to home and car loans, DECO simulators also help to account for all family expenses, from the supermarket to telecommunications.

«The most visited simulator is the mortgage loan, which has almost double the consultations made to the simulator that helps manage the family budget», says Rita Pinho Rodrigues, of the SOS Crise line, mentioned by Lusa.

«Almost all consumers who use the simulators visit the mortgage loan», adds the official, who justifies the situation with the high weight of mortgage credit in the Portuguese budget.