DECO compares mobile tariffs

DECO put online a new simulator for mobile tariffs, a tool that consumers will be able to use to understand whether or not it is worth changing operator or offer «while the authorities are not taking action», accuses the consumer protection association .

«Each network has several tariffs, but, unlike other European countries, here, prices differ little for the same usage profile.

Even among the cheapest tariffs for one profile, the Portuguese pay twice as much as the Dutch and English» , denounces the latest price comparison of 36 tariffs in eight countries, published in the November issue of Proteste magazine.

The new simulator will operate on an open basis this month, offering 180 updated options, says DECO.

The association recalls that operators increased the price of calls at the same time, last March, by about 2.5 percent and that at the time it warned of the coincidence of the average increase value and the moment of application, which may reveal concertation practices. «The Competition Authority promised to investigate, but, seven months later, no results are yet known», he accuses, referring that he intends to continue to pressure the regulator, as well as the European Commission and the Government, «for an effective and genuine competition».

In addition to the article and the simulator, the association offers two new online pages where it answers the most frequently asked questions from users, whether in view of the implications of changing operator or about the most appropriate features in each case.