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DECO chooses Optimus Home as the cheapest voice option

A study released today by Deco Proteste reveals that Optimus Home is the cheapest option in voice communications. Although it does not have the cheapest calls on the market, Optimus’ fixed telephony option earns points for not paying a subscription. The 12.5 euros of mandatory monthly charges are convertible into calls, unlike the vast majority of competing offers.

The first position in the ranking of the cheapest offers was obtained in three different scenarios: all calls, only national calls (fixed and mobile network) and only national calls to the fixed network. In the last two scenarios, the difference compared to the runner-up in the table is more significant – 6.37 and 8.48 euros, compared to the total value of the Optimus Home basket of 25.03 (second scenario) and 17.83 euros (third scenario) ) for 100 calls on the fixed network, plus 12 mobile calls, in the second scenario.

This second place in the table – in the second and third scenarios analyzed – is occupied by AR Telecom, whose competitive offer does not deserve greater emphasis due to its geographical limitation to the Lisbon region.

In the first scenario analyzed, Tele2 occupies the second place in the ranking of the cheapest. The Swedish operator offers the most competitive rates but is penalized by the sum of the monthly subscription. In terms of voice, DECO’s analysis also notes that none of the pre-selection offers is competitive.

Combined options are advantageous for alternative operators

For those who need Internet and telephone, the DECO study points out that alternative operators’ offers are more competitive, whenever they can operate directly. In the two scenarios analyzed by DECO Proteste, the first analyzes the 512 kbps ADSL telephone and Internet offers with 2GB traffic and the second 2Mbps ADSL and 2 GB traffic.

In both cases, calls were made to all types of destinations (100 calls on the fixed network, 12 calls to mobile phones and 7 calls abroad). The conclusions point to the ONI Duo 512 kbps as the cheapest option with a total price in the basket of 49.34 euros. At 2 mbps, it is Clix that occupies the first place on the table, with a total basket price of 55.43 euros.

In areas where the new operators are not directly, and use the incumbent PT’s network to provide service, DECO suggests a combination of an Internet package from one of the alternative operators and Optimus Home, since that way it is possible to bypass the subscription telephone.

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