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Deco answers questions about IRS via chat

Deco will conduct a clarification session on completing the electronic IRS statement tomorrow. Questions are asked and answered «live» through a chat on the association’s website.

The initiative was scheduled for this Thursday to monitor the end of the first phase of the IRS, income for others and pensions (which ends on April 15th), and the start of the second – which is aimed at those who earn income other categories and runs from 16 April to 25 May.

The debate will take place through a forum-like system (or chat) online, where interested parties can submit their questions that will be clarified «live» by Deco employees. The answers are also available on the website for consultation by Internet users and are sent by email to the email of the person who asked the question.

This is the second time that the association has organized a clarification session along these lines, so that on the website it is already possible to check the questions presented in the previous debate, organized in the categories Benefits and deductions, Dependents, Self-employed, Capital gains of real estate and Others .

According to Deco, taxes are the fourth topic on which the association receives the most requests for information, with an average of 2,200 requests per month.