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Decibelmeter – Sound Meter | AndroidPIT

We all perceive the sounds our way. This means that what is pleasant to some may sound annoying to others. If your neighbor of those super deaf who do not realize that they are listening to music a thousand decibels and that does not react to their complaints, why not make a fool of yourself to know if you hear too much or he hears too little? There is an app that can act as a stuntman: the Decibelimeter – Sound Meter. Read our review and see what this app can do.

Functions & Usage

Even if your goal is not to measure your neighbor's sound pitch, a phonometer is still an interesting instrument to have. You should be very clear that the Sound Meter Decibel Meter is not a very accurate instrument, a fact that even the developers themselves make quite clear. And this is not about the app itself, but about the technology of the mobile devices on which it is installed. For example, the Samsung Galaxy S2 s can produce data up to 98dB, while the Galaxy S s can be up to 81dB. Therefore, the performance of the Sound Meter is very dependent on the respective technology of your mobile phone.

Sound Meter has a great design, simple and intuitive. Here's what the app can recognize: – 110 dB: heavy music (rock, for example) or then a crying child – 100 dB: trains, hair dryers – 90 dB: industrial machines 90 cm away – 80 dB: street noise, alarm clock- 70 dB: street rumors- 60 dB: normal tone conversations 90cm away- 50 dB: quiet office atmosphere- 40 dB: residential areas, parks- 30 dB: whispers 90cm away- 20 dB: leaf noise or a ticking clock

Measurements can be calibrated, settings adjusted and you can even upgrade to the Pro version of the app.

As for the settings, we mention the Upside-Down Mode: the display rotates so that it is easy to point the phone's microphone at the sound source.

Conclusion:The Sound Meter is an exceptional sound measuring instrument. What should be noted is the fact that the performance of the app is conditional on the user's device. During our tests, the app worked very well, recognizing the lowest possible sounds to the loudest noise in the traffic.

Screen & Controls

The Decibelimeter – Sound Meter has a very clean design. Your chart also has great resolution and the app can still be calibrated. The commands, in turn, are simple to handle.

Price / Performance Ratio

The decibel meter – Sound Meter is available for free from the Play Store. Advertising banners are the financial source of the app. There is a Pro version of Sound Meter, which costs 0.77 euros or $ 1.99.

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