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Debian Will Leave Support for Linux Standard Base

Debian Leave support for Linux Standard Base because it will require a considerable amount of work to gain so little benefit.

For those who know about it, it may be a shock. Debian ceases to use Linux Standard Base.

Debian Leave Linux Standard Base

For those who do not know what it is, the Linux Standard Base (LSB) is the specification that maintains support for defining compatibility between distribution programs. Thus, the Linux Foundation ensures that programs work equally across all distributions.

LSB was established in 2001 and maintained by a working group at the Linux Foundation. There are five LSB modules: Core Usage, Desktop, Languages, Imaging, and Trial).

But it seems that the Debian community is no longer intending to continue LSB as the default in Debian. One claim is that this requires a considerable amount of work for so little benefit. In any case, the community reports that it is not removing all LSB from Debian because SystVinit scripts are LSB compliant. Debian remains FHS compliant at version 2.3 (version 3.0 was released in August of this year).

Let's follow up and see what this is going to do (instead of speculating as we did in SystemD). Let's also see what Canonical thinks about it. Maybe that will bring us some benefit (or maybe not).

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