Debian is used in Caixa EconĂ´mica Federal terminals


In the new episode of #EuViLinux we will show you one more curious place where Linux is used. This time the star is Debian, one of the most stable Linux distributions in the world and used on Caixa terminals.

As I mentioned in my video about the need to use open software in the public administration, Caixa’s example was mentioned, both for good and for bad. Now we see an example of how Linux is used in the bank’s terminals.

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I received the images that you will see through our reader Rapha Bessoni, who sent us the following message:

Hey Dio!

I think you will find it cool, I was at a cashier’s office with the light turned off and when he returned, all terminals (ATMs) were using DEBIAN so I took this picture, only two because the woman at the cashier came “cursing”, “you can’t do that no!!!» lol

The photos are as follows:

Box terminals with Debian
Box terminals with Debian

Apparently Debian is still using Gnome 2 as a graphical interface, cool right? Another place where people use Linux on a daily basis and probably don’t even know it.

To the next!