Debian 9 will not support some 32-bit architectures


The future version of Debian will cut support for some 32-bit architectures, read on to find out why and how it might impact you.

As time goes by things change, the most radical would say that we no longer need 32-bit systems today, but Debian with all its concept of universal Linux distribution surprised us a little by informing that it will be abandoning support for 32-bit architectures. bits, at least some.

Ben Hutchings, Debian developer, informed us that Debian 9 “Stretch” will remove support for older 32-bit architecture. This decision makes i586 and i586 / 686 hybrid processors no longer supported.

The decision had been made just last year after the release of the GCC compiler, which proposed to support only i686 processors. You can read the official announcement here.

This change has already been implemented with the Linux 4.3 Kernel that was in the unstable Debian repository last year and is being made available to Debian “Jessie”.

The processors that will no longer be supported by Debian in version 9 will be: AMD K5, K6, K6-2 (aka K6 3D), K6-3, DM & P / SiS Vortex86, Vortex86SX, Cyrix III, MediaGX, MediaGXm, IDT Winchip C6, Winchip 2, Intel Pentium, Pentium with MMX, Rise mP6, VIA C3 ‘Samuel 2’ and C3 ‘Ezra’.

As you can see, they are really old chips, however, if you are one of the people who use any of them, Debian “Jessie” should support them until at least 2018, even if it has support until 2020 of the distribution as a whole.

I think until then you can change the processor right? If you have a 32-bit processor that is not one of these or with these mentioned architectures, you can rest assured, everything should continue to work normally, at least for now.

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