Debian 9 may have automatic updates


In search of making Debian more automated, the distro’s developers are thinking of getting Debian 9, Stretch, to update itself.

Debian is a reference in stability for an operating system, especially its version Stable, which lives up to its name. Much of this is due to the rigidity with which Debian packages its programs and how they are maintained. At the conference Sprint Debian Cloud, from Seattle, it is being debated whether the new version of Debian, or at least the Cloud version, would have automatic updates or not.

Currently Debian leaves the user with the update, that is, if you want your system to update, you go there and make it happen, but what is being debated is whether this should continue this way and in which version this must be applied or not.

You can find out more reading the Debian email list and see some points that have been commented on.

In my opinion this should be up to the user to define, that is, it should come as a manual update, with the possibility of being updated automatically, if the user wishes. Perhaps a compromise would be to have Debian notify the user when updates are available.

What is your opinion?