Debian 8.8 is available, download it!


A new update for the Debian 8 series is available for download. Debian “Jessie” received an update that guarantees greater stability and security to the “universal system”, as it is known.

Debian developers have announced the availability of the latest version of the operating system, code-named “Jessie”, the Toy Story Cowgirl, Debian comes in version 8.8 in its stable series.

According to the information, this update mainly adds fixes for security issues to the stable version, along with some tweaks for serious issues. Security notices have already been published separately and are referenced when available through the bugfix session, see below.

Those using Debian version 8.7 do not need to download a new ISO, just update the system and you will have all the latest Debian Stable packages and, consequently, will be in version 8.8.

Those who keep Debian 8 series CDs, DVDs or ISOs prior to 8.8, do not necessarily need to download new ISOs either, just install normally and update the system.

To see the full report of bugs fixed by Debian in this new version, click here. Anyone who wants to download the new system images already updated to do the installation can also do it, just access the Debian downloads page and choose your preferred image.

If you have difficulty “finding yourself” on the Debian website, check out this video (one of the oldest on the channel) where I explained how you can do to download the “universal system”.

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