Death of LGBT activist may be associated with website in the style of the Mortal Games

Kematian aktivis LGBT dapat dikaitkan dengan situs web dengan gaya Mortal Games

A controversial story has been on Russian news in recent days. It all started after the death of LGBT + rights activist Yelena Grigoryeva, whose body was found last Sunday (21/07) near her home. Her name and that of other community activists would be on the list of a website, inspired by the Death Games, to promote the hunting of gays, lesbians, bisexuals, transvestites and transsexuals in Russia.

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Three days before she was brutally murdered, by knife blows and strangulation, Yelena, who was 41, made a Facebook post denouncing that the «Saw» website was encouraging the execution and harassment of members of the Russian LGBT + community. For the victim’s family and friends, her death would be associated with the frequent threats she had been receiving, especially since the website, which had the full name, telephone number, address and photos of activists in the cause, returned to the air. According to them, the Mortal Games simulator always managed to return after being knocked down.

1 of 2 Death of Russian activist Yelena Grigoryeva may be associated with a website with a Thematic Games to hunt LGBT’s – Photo: Reproduction / Facebook

Death of Russian activist Yelena Grigoryeva may be associated with a Themed Games-themed website to hunt LGBT’s – Photo: Reproduction / Facebook

In a Facebook post, Yelena’s friend and also an activist, Dinar Idrisov, said he asked her to make a copy of her house key and give it to him, but there was no time. «Lena asked a mutual friend to take care of her cat in the event of her death, when she was threatened with murder. He promised to do so to calm her down, although she did not believe in the threats,» wrote Idrisov.

CNN, a spokeswoman for the Russian LGBT community, who declined to be identified, confirmed that Yelena’s name was on the site, as well as that of other activists. «We don’t know who is behind the project, but they collected personal information about LGBT activists, such as their names, photos and addresses, published and asked people to hunt or kill them,» he said.

2 of 2 Site used the Thematic Games to promote the hunt and death of LGBT’s in Russia – Photo: Reproduction / Internet

Site used the Thematic Games to promote the hunting and killing of LGBT’s in Russia – Photo: Reproduction / Internet

To the New York Post, another Russian LGBT + activist, Svetlana Zakharova, commented on the persistence of the creators of the website «Saw» in keeping the portal online. «People are very concerned. Well, I would say that the fact that this site has existed for so long, without any reaction from the authorities, is very revealing,» he said.

A 40-year-old man was arrested for the crime, which is still under investigation, according to NBC. According to the portal, the St. Petersburg police, who took over the case, confirmed that Yelena had been threatened repeatedly, but claimed that the threats did not appear to be a risk to her life. The investigators argued that they could be linked to people the victim knew or family problems.