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Prune app icon

Prune, developed by Joel McDonald, an addictive game not just for tree worshipers.

Its objective is to assist in the formation of your tree according to its proximity to the Sun, removing obstacles, in a rich experience, with beautiful visual elements and a soundtrack. Zen.

The game, aimed at all ages, was inspired by a tweet, as Joel said in an interview with Tech Insider:

At that time, I was already a game developer indie six months ago and I was prototyping a handful of ideas.

I had some good directions, but I was looking for a nice little project that could put my feet in the water.

I thought Prune was the perfect project to be completed in a month or two, and launched on the App Store to test the market.

The game took more time than expected, totaling 15 months to be completed, after being rewritten several times.

The result, much more minimalist than the original design, became a bestseller on the App Store.

Give life to a forgotten landscape and discover a story hidden in the depths of the Earth. very cool, do not miss this opportunity! 🙃

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Below more offers that together add up $ 30 off:


Worms 2: Armageddon app icon

Classic earthworms game.

AURA - Camera Photo Editor app icon

Image editor.

Remote Mouse Pro app icon

Your iPhone / iPod touch as a mouse.

Remote Mouse Pro for iPad app icon

Your iPad as a mouse.

Curved Text app icon

Text for your photos.


Beautune app icon

Image editor.

MineX app icon (Minesweeper)


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