Deals of the day on the App Store: oneSafe, Orbital, MediaShare and more!

Deals of the day on the App Store: oneSafe, Orbital, MediaShare and more!

For this Wednesday, excellent offers in the App Stores!

OneSafe password manager app icon

If you have difficulties with passwords, usernames and identification numbers or you have been in situations where the lack of memory was a serious problem for a purchase or a registration, you need to take this opportunity to download the oneSafe for free! This is a great app with Touch ID support for password management, personal information and more!

With separation by categories, the app securely stores your confidential information, allowing you to easily add, view and / or edit items. Its interface has several customizable items, including colors and textures. Accessing your items by password and synchronizing between different devices makes the task of keeping your information up-to-date much easier.

Here is a list of some items that oneSafe accepts:

  • Credit card numbers and PINs;
  • Social document numbers;
  • Codes in general;
  • Bank accounts and tax numbers;
  • Usernames and passwords;
  • Loyalty cards and insurance applications;
  • Secret photos.

In addition to saving secure information, the app also allows the management / storage of documents such as Word, Excel and PDF, and access to sites that require login all within oneSafe itself. Some forms already come with the application; however, if you need something more, you can also create new models.

You must be concerned about security, right? OneSafe uses a high level of encryption (AES with a 256-bit code), making life very difficult for any possible attacker. Register your information as soon as possible and be free of the hassle with your passwords! An offer not so new, but always a must and now with 3D Touch support!

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Below more applications that together add up $ 36 off:


Orbital app icon

Destroy spheres.

Shadowmatic app icon

Shadow game.

BADLAND 2 app icon

Continued from the classic App Store.

You must build a boat icon

Combine parts.


MediaShare app icon

UPnP server.

Disk Map Analyzer - 2 in 1 - Clean Your Hard Drive app icon

Utility for storage.

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Take advantage of the offers and see you tomorrow!

Remembering that they are always for a limited time, so it is good to run. 😀