Deadly Selfies: The Most Dangerous Photos in the World

Deadly Selfies: The Most Dangerous Photos in the World

Some people like to get out of the ordinary and seek to take selfies at dangerous times. So we selected some of the best (or worst) images of the genre.

Everyone likes to take selfiesbut some go beyond and are not afraid to expose themselves to danger when taking a photo.

Whether to draw attention or to have an adrenaline rush in the body, we don't know, but one thing is certain: these images are agonizing! With that in mind, we decided to select 20 most dangerous selfies in the world. Check it out below and surprise yourself too.

The most dangerous selfies in the world - avioPhoto: Gearsworld

The account at Instagram "Gearsworld" published this image with the hashtags #selfie #dangerousselfie, the latter meaning “selfie dangerous".

The question remains: is this what pilots are doing with their doors closed while we are traveling? Really dangerous!

Even though it is not intentional, this selfie taken by a North American reporter during the Green Monster at the Fenway Park in Boston he easily made that list because of the unusual, since the baseball was apparently going to hit his head. However, information from the Farandwide they say the ball went through it and didn't hit it. Fortunately!

The girl's boyfriend put the phrase on Instagram “Don't do this at home, leave it to professionals selfie". The image was taken at Rolley Falls, Canada. In fact, few will attempt to do so.

Now coming to Brazil, photographer Lee Thompson managed to record this image on the arm of Christ the Redeemer, in Rio de Janeiro.

It is noteworthy that he is without any protective equipment (apparently), and we know that a wind in this region could bring him down, being lethal. Fortunately, he survived to tell the story.

This girl decided to film herself (see the video in the image link) while a cheetah was behind wanting to interact. She doesn't seem to be very nervous about the situation, but in the image caption she says that "We do not recommend contact with wild animals for many reasons".

Daniel Lau is one of the most famous photographers in the world when it comes to “dangerous photos”. On his Instagram account, he has several photos on top of buildings and in situations that “wrap” the stomach of the viewer. In the image above, he is on top of a Hong Kong skyscraper.

Photo: Wild_Life_85

Leo Marinho weighs about 300 kg and the man who took this photo thought it was a good idea to take one selfie with him. However, it looks like he was bitten right after the image was captured.

And speaking of animals, these two decided to remove this selfie with several lions in the background. It is true that, in this case, the photo is not so dangerous considering that the animals were apparently feeding. Even so, it is still an agonizing image.

This photo was taken at Lake Medusa, in Palau, Oceania, being much more dangerous than it appears in the photo. Diving in this region is considered safe with the use of a diving suit due to the high concentration of hydrogen sulfide in the water, which is roughly a very corrosive and poisonous substance for humans. Add that to the amount of jellyfish we are seeing and, in fact, the author of the image was lucky to come out alive from it.

This Frenchwoman put in the caption of the photo Instagram something like “What would some people not do for a selfie? ”. Worse than that, a friend would take a photo like that of another friend. It definitely seems that many do not love their own lives.

Very similar to Daniel Lau mentioned earlier, Angela Nikolau also likes to take photos on top of buildings to be successful in Instagram with the hashtag #dangerousselfie. In the picture above, she took it on top of a building located in Tianjin, China. The question remains: how did she get to this place?

And speaking of photos taken on top of buildings, Beerkus also took one, where he shows his legs on top of a place that looks really tall. The photo was beautiful, but it gives a little agony.

Again we see Angela Nikolau taking a selfie dangerous on top of a giant building. It draws attention that she doesn't seem the least bit concerned, and is on her smartphone apparently talking to someone.

And we have a Brazilian on the list! Marcelo Herba from São Paulo went to Santo Andr and took this photo at the Serra do Mar Funicular Crossing. The bridge where he made the selfie It is used for moving trains and is still working today! A great danger indeed.

Photo: nbaloca_

This image was taken during the bullfighter event in Pamplona, ​​Spain. Whereas in 2019 there were three people killed by bulls even not taking out selfies, this image shows us someone who has enough courage or really crazy.

Taken in Sofia, Bulgaria, this man decided to do this selfie on a train visibly in motion and outside. He could have stopped or else come over at another high-speed train and caught him. Countries like Sri Lanka and India regard this type of photo as a crime.

In the image link, we can see the video of this moment when the train passes by the person taking a picture selfie, while his friend films everything.

The author of the photo posted on Instagram It is a warning saying that he has a lot of experience in doing dives and that to take pictures of the kind it is important to have good training. Even so, there are countless cases of people who died from shark attacks when making selfies.

George Kouronis, a National Geographic explorer known for taking unusual photos. The top one was taken at the volcano located in Ambrym, island of Malampa province, in Vanuatu.

It seems that not only humans like to take selfies dangerous.

Do you have any selfie you consider dangerous? Leave it in the comments! We want to see how much adrenaline you are.