Deadline for purchasing the car seal has been extended again (updated)

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In a statement addressed to the press, the Ministry of Finance announced a new extension of the deadline for the payment of the Municipal Tax on vehicles. It is the second time that the Ministry has postponed the deadline for the purchase of the car’s seal, since the initial date was set at 15 July, and was later postponed to today, 31 July.

With the second extension, taxpayers will be able to buy the stamp until the 18th of August, and settlement can be carried out over the Internet, at the Tax Offices or at authorized resellers.

The Ministry of Finance states in the same statement that between 16 June and 28 July this year, more than 1.6 million IMV settlements were carried out via the Internet or in the services of the Finance departments and around 2.8 millions of badges to authorized dealers.

According to Finance these figures represent «the fulfillment of the obligation to pay the tax by the overwhelming majority of taxpayers».

However, the delay in sending some models of the IMV badge to authorized dealers and, «despite the possibility of payment at the Front Office at any Finance Service or over the Internet», dictated the postponement of the deadline for fifteen days from now, the statement said.

The Ministry of Finance also informs that the deadline for posting the badge, which ends on 30 September.

Editorial Note: [2006-08-01 11:26:00] The news was updated in reference to the date of posting of the badge. contrary to what was mentioned yesterday in the press release, distics should be posted by 31 September and not 31 August.

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