Deadline for free upgrade of SmarTV boxes ends at the end of March

Sapo opens laboratory at the University of Aveiro

Until the end of next month, Clix will carry out a free replacement operation of the current television service access boxes, offering in exchange Motorola TV Boxes.

In addition to the new devices allowing customers of the SmarTV service to have high definition content, DTT in Dolby Surround sound, they also ensure a set of new services and features that Clix has prepared for soon.

According to the company, all SmarTV customers are being contacted so that they can be provided with all necessary clarifications for upgrading the box free of charge.

One of the replacement methods can come from the customer himself who can make the exchange at one of the Clix stands located in the main shopping centers in the country – Cascais Shopping, Centro Colombo, NorteShopping, Oeiras Parque and Vasco da Gama – or at the Sonaecom Technical Assistance Centers in Lisbon and Porto.

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