Deadline for application of Service Pack 2 in companies is approaching the end

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The deadline granted by Microsoft to companies to do the download Service Pack 2 for Windows XP. After this date, the company will apply the same system used for private individuals, automatically downloading the mega security update.

Remember that at the Service Pack2 release date, Microsoft allowed its business customers to block the automatic update of the update. To this end, it distributed an application that allowed it to continue to benefit from the automatic update system for security breaches, without the Service Pack 2 being downloaded, thus giving system administrators some more time to carry out the security tests. software needed.

The warning to companies has already started to be made, C | Net guarantees, remembering that the mechanism that blocks Service Pack 2 could only be used for a maximum period of 240 days, starting on August 16th.

The term for using the tool was extended from an initial validity of 120 days to 240 days, with the aim of giving companies a reasonable period to ensure a smooth update for corporate networks.

Freedom of movement in this matter remains only for companies that have chosen to reconfigure their networks in order to stop connecting directly to Microsoft servers and access security updates, starting to centralize this functionality on the company’s own servers.

According to Microsoft, Service Pack2 already reaches 180 million customers. Business customers benefited from this extension as the mega patch raised several compatibility problems in its installation on corporate networks, conflicting with other applications already installed. The tool made available by Microsoft not only blocked the update automatic, as it helped to resolve such issues.

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