Dead Trigger (Android / iOS)

Game review: Dead Trigger (Android/iOS)

Dead Trigger is a zombie FPS game, with excellent graphics and gameplay.

Dead Trigger is a zombie FPS game, with excellent graphics and gameplay. Its story is based on survival, like most games of this genre. If you, like me, like zombies … this game is perfect!

“The world has collapsed. In 2012, modern civilization is coming to an end. The global economy has been disrupted, money has lost its value. People stood up to the ignorant politicians who were just stuffing their pockets – and he didn’t spare any of them.

However, those who really did rule the world were prepared – and escaped. Suddenly, billions of people died of a strange virus, while others turned into butcherly beasts with just one thought: KILL!

Only a few people on the planet have survived, at least until they run out of ammunition… or learn to stop them… “Break hordes of bloodthirsty zombies. Secure vital supplies. Save other survivors. Protect the safe harbor. Discover the city and discover the truth sparking in this intense FPS action game! ”

Home screen

His interface, taking into account the fact that it is a zombie game, is ‘friendly’. The game’s graphics are good, but not perfect. Sometimes a ‘lag‘here and there but nothing that is crucial to the classification of the game. It is still possible to select the quality of the graph, going to the settings and on the second page to select between “Low”(Which is in the image above),“Medium» and «High“.

His gameplay is very good and challenging, being ‘funny‘kill zombies (even more when that horde comes at you). It has four ‘buttons’: one’analog‘(left in the image above), the’crosshair‘, The ‘recharge‘ and ‘zoom‘, not counting the’pause‘.

The stages are divided into categories: killing zombies (image above), collecting boxes, defending the position (image below) and completing objectives (this category usually begins to appear after level 15).

exist extra stages which are indicated by a gold bar or a gift box, which always guarantee you a bigger reward, be it items that can only be bought with gold or the gold itself.

The interesting thing about the game is the fact that it has an Arena, with four survival modes: “Bloody Subway“,“Haunted Gracevyard» (my favorite), «Stadium of Dead» and «Bloody XMAS“. The game has no mode multiplayer, but you can create an account to save your game progress and add friends.

A positive point is to receive 3 chips to be used in the casino, when you first enter the game on the day. These chips can be used in the casino, where you can win money, gold, items or just not gain anything. Another positive point is that you don’t need to buy gold and money out of the game (spend real money) to get to the end of the game, but the option is available for those who want better items, such as those for infinite use.

One thing I love about the game is that they give crazy discounts every now and then. Example: A Colt M4 which costs 100 or 120 gold left for 37 gold. The bad thing about this is that you have to have gold (you win by playing extra stages, at the casino or buying) and it’s just that moment, if you click ‘close’ you will lose the discount.

The difficulties are indicated in the phases by the quantities of ‘skull heads‘. The amount of ‘heads‘black is the difficulty of the game. In short: A black ‘head’: easy. Two black ‘heads’: medium, three black ‘heads’: difficult.

Dead Trigger is an excellent game, with very good graphics and gameplay. If we take into account the fact that it is free, it is a perfect game. For those who have high-end cell phones and install this game, I recommend putting the quality on ‘High‘.

I play on Xperia P (low quality) where the quality and gameplay are good, but when playing on top-of-the-line mobile phones, with HD / Full HD screens and powerful hardware, it is spectacular with maximum quality.

The game is available for Android, on Google Play and for iOS, on the App Store. We tested the Android version.