Dead Trigger 2 (Android / iOS)

Game Review: Dead Trigger 2 (Android/iOS)

Dead Trigger 2, one of the most anticipated games of the year, was released last Thursday (24) and arrives with improved gameplay, interface and new graphics.

The award-winning Zombie FPS is back“Is what the description of Dead Trigger 2 one of the most anticipated games of the year. Launched last Thursday (24), by Madfinger Games, the game has several improvements in gameplay, interface and new graphics. With more challenges and a lot of blood, Dead Trigger 2 arrives to show you are not kidding!

The game has a redesigned interface. In addition to greater interaction with the game’s home page, it is possible to choose several languages ​​(unfortunately, Portuguese is not available). It is mandatory to create an account in order to proceed with the game and release the doctor (bottom left corner of the image) and after some missions release the other characters.

Dead Trigger 2 home

It is natural that when you launch a game or the sequel, the graphics will evolve. It is no different here. Even with better graphics, I realized that it’s crashing less than the Dead Trigger “1” – that we also did a review. Just out of curiosity, I have a Xperia P and play both versions in the lowest quality. Even so, it still lags.

Regarding Dead Trigger «1», the graphic evolution is not one of leaving everyone with «mouth open». Some details that were previously only possible to see at full resolution, can now be seen at full resolution low. Looking at the boxes and walls in the image above, the quality of the game is impressive, taking into account that it is a 4 ″ screen (in others up to 6.4 ″) and that it is a smartphone. Nothing that compares with a high-end video card combined with a larger screen and other items of a gamer computer.

The game itself is very good, fluid and with a new interface. It is possible to build barriers on the windows to slow down the zombies. New weapons have also arrived that you release by collecting the plans, usually after killing the bigger zombies. Allies help you get weapons, grenades and medicine.

Mission objective: Rescue the engineer

The first missions are done with automatic targeting, which may please some and others not so much (my case). Then you can switch to manual aiming. In this mission, the objective is to rescue the engineer. He will be responsible for producing and improving weapons as the game progresses.

Mission objective: clean up the area with the help of a helicopter.

One of the innovations that was worth the game was the difference in missions. In the image above, for example, you were in a helicopter killing zombies (that little white ball on the screen is a function that I activated and with each touch on the screen it appears, it is not a problem in the game).

This was worth the game because you don’t get the repetition that happened in the first game (usually collecting boxes, protecting doors, surviving and activating buttons in story mode). In this new version there are kamikaze zombies, scientists (who have a lot of radiation and can kill you if you stay close) and those who vomit contaminated blood – or whatever.

The difficulty of the game is selected at the beginning of each stage. There are three classic levels: easy, medium and difficult.

A negative point is that it is mandatory to use a game account and a connection to be able to play. This makes it a little difficult because not everyone can play online every day due to a lack of wi-fi at home or a data plan.

The story of the second game is believed to be bigger and more engaging, liberating new continents and enlisting the help of your «gang» to fight zombies.

The story mode develops in these yellow spots.

I’m addicted to zombies, so my opinion is already quite predictable. I really enjoyed the game and from the first stages you can already see Madfinger’s great work. The negative point is the obligation of an internet connection. Other than that, it’s very interesting!

To download the game on your Android device, click here (version 4.0 or newer required). To download it on your iPhone / iPad / iPod, click here (the latest version of iOS is required).

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