Dead Squared – A Minecraft-Style FPS

Fall into the shooting in very interesting graphics

Block monsters of all kinds

That's exactly what awaits you in Dead Squared, and this detail makes the game so much fun.

The game has a Sci-Fi theme and has the same shapes in the popular Minecraft, all monsters and enemies have rectangular shapes and drop items when killed.

Dead Squared - Linux

The game is still an Alpha and certainly has some bugs that will be fixed over time, it is another creation made with Unity Engine.

Dead Squared - Linux

As soon as you start the game you start with two weapons, a pistol and a machine gun, new weapons and power ups will be found in the stages as you pass.

Dead Squared - Linux

It is still possible to combine weapons in some specific locations by modifying the type and mode of use.

Dead Squared - Linux

Now just download the game and have fun, it's totally free!


See you next time!

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