De-stress by coloring beautiful illustrations with this app

De-stress by coloring beautiful illustrations with this app

De-stress by coloring beautiful illustrations with this app

Coloring apps are a fever among users of all ages. Although they do not require much technique, they offer surprising results.

The relaxation that this activity provides is precisely the premise of the app Lake: Coloring Books, created by startup homonymous Slovenian – and that has just won a Portuguese version.

Lake is inspired by the principles of mindfulness, which is nothing more than a state of control over the ability to concentrate on the experiences, activities and sensations of the present. According Mariana Veiga, a Lake collaborator, the app’s target audience is “people looking for a relaxing moment, especially mothers”.

The app has more than 900 illustrations (from various coloring books), which makes it one of the largest collections in existence. In any of them, you can choose colors and brush styles to give your face the illustration.

Isadora Zeferino on the Lake app

The developer points out that the Portuguese version brought together a team of Brazilians focused on “adapting the app to the local culture”. In addition, the app launched a special collection of illustrations made by the artist Isadora Zeferino, who took extra care in portraying the various aspects of Brazilian culture, such as “nature, music and regional parties”.

For someone who loves fauna and flora, we are talking about one of the most biodiverse places in the world! I want to emphasize and respect all of these possibilities in such a huge territory, and designing this book was a great way to exercise that.

The Portuguese version of Lake is now available on the App Store, and anyone who wants to color without limits must subscribe to the app for R $ 20 monthly or R $ 140 annually; in the free version, it is possible to color up to two new images per day.

Lake app icon: coloring books

Pretty cool, isn’t it? ?