Daydream is Google’s new platform for virtual reality


Google announced at its Google I / O 2016 conference the Daydream platform, it will be a way for developers to integrate virtual reality content with Android N.

Technology companies are running a long way after a good experience with virtual reality and with Google it is no different, the company has developed a new platform that will integrate with the new Android N and will allow hardware manufacturers to create their own VR experiences.

Google Daydream

Although the new version of Android brings the possibility of using Daydream, only Smartphones that have certain components, such as specific sensors, will be able to use the technology satisfactorily.

Google Daydream

Google intends to integrate Android with virtual reality in several of its applications, such as YouTube, Google StreetView, Play Store and others in the future. Some of the company’s partners that will start producing interactive content are Netflix, HBO and CNN.

Among the hardware manufacturer partners confirmed to invest in Daydream are Samsung, HTC, LG, Xiaomi, Huawau, ZTE, ASUS and Alcatel.