Day Night is a new Brazilian game that uses an original form of interaction with the iPhone and iPod touch

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The Brazilian game market is starting to grow on the App Store, thankfully. And one of the recent news is the interesting game Day Night, by Brazilian Brazinication.

The game brings a new form of interaction with the character, which is quite original. The player controls the Day and Night in the match, rotating the screen of the device. On one side, the sun appears, turning, the moon appears. Thus, it is possible to target elements in the game according to your needs.

For example, the mushroom shrinks during the day and grows at night, allowing for jumps. The killer toaster sleeps at night, so you can escape it.

Check out the official trailer to see how it works:

The game Day Night can be found on the App Store (link) for the price of $ 0.99. Unfortunately it only works on devices from the fourth generation onwards (iPhone 4, 4S and iPod touch 4G). On the iPad, it only works in enlarged mode.

Want to win a copy of the game?

We have 3 promotional codes offered by the developer for those who are quick and use one of the three posted below. If you don’t know how the App Store promotions work, check out our tutorial.