DaVinci Resolves without sound on Linux? Here’s how to fix it!


DaVinci Resolve is an excellent software for producers of multimedia content and works very well. But today I had a small problem when setting up a Setup with him and Ubuntu, where the sound was not reproduced on the software, fortunately, the solution is simple.

Although DaVinci decides to allow the configuration of sound cards in its control panel, the problem I faced with Ubuntu 19.04 (No Mint 19.1 works normally) is that Resolve cannot read Pulse Audio, only from Alsa Mixer, for this, we need to make a small adjustment so that the sound of your audios comes out of the speakers or headphones.

How to solve the problem of DaVinci Resolve without sound

You need to create a file that makes this note between Alsa Mixer and Pulse Audio called “asound.conf» inside the folder /etc/ with the following content:

pcm.!default pulse 
ctl.!default pulse 

This process can be done in several ways, but we will use the gedit and the terminal, so open an instance and type:

sudo gedit /etc/asound.conf

Copy and paste the content in this file and save it, you can close the terminal and check your DaVinci Resolve, the audio must be working perfectly.

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