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"Dating" between Sony and Fortnite creator ends in investment of 250 million

Sony confirmed this Thursday an investment of 250 million dollars (about 221 million euros) in shares of Epic Games.

The investment turns the Japanese manufacturer into a minority shareholder, with a 1.4% stake in the creator of Fortnite, which is now valued at 17.86 billion dollars.

The investment allows Sony and Epic to expand their collaboration in crossing their portfolios to create unique experiences for consumers and developers ", they refer in a press release.

"With the investment, we intend to explore opportunities for additional collaboration with Epic to the delight of consumers and the industry in general," points out Sony President and CEO Kenichiro Yoshida, in the same press release, "not only in games, but also in remaining universe of digital entertainment in fast evolution ".

The agreement does not imply exclusivity. Epic Games will continue to produce games for different platforms, it has been confirmed. It remains to be clarified the real impact of the investment in future Fortnite developments or for PlayStation 5, but the existence of additional advantages is always a hypothesis.

The announcement comes about a month after Sony showed the design of its next console, as well as its first set of games.