Date for installing chips in the license plates to be defined

Number plates are already on sale

The ordinance that establishes the date for the installation of chips in automobiles it is delayed and there is no time limit for its publication, according to the advanced by the Ministry of Public Works, Transport and Communications (MOPTC).

Speaking to Agência Lusa, the Ministry’s source confirmed the «delay in publishing the ordinances», stressing that «there is no deadline for publication» and that the Government continues to work so that they can be published «as soon as possible».

However, the delay will not have any kind of practical consequence, assures the Executive, since it will be these ordinances that «will establish the deadlines for the installation of electronic devices» in vehicles, says the same source.

It is recalled that the installation of the electronic registration device (DEM) is a measure that is part of the SIEV – Electronic Vehicle Identification System, created in February with the approval of several diplomas in the Council of Ministers.