Database of scientific publications starts in summer

Database of scientific publications starts in summer

The first electronic database of Portuguese-language scientific magazines and newspapers will start up next summer and will have around 200 periodical titles.

In order to disseminate the researchers’ work «faster and further», Fonte Académica, the name chosen for the repository, will be created by the North American publisher EBSCO Publishing, covering Portuguese and Brazilian editions.

«It will be a way to open the work of academics to the world as much as possible and also to take the Portuguese language further, via the Internet,» Carlos Fiolhais, director of the Integrated Service of Libraries of the University of Coimbra (SIBUC), told Lusa. promoters of the initiative.

The physicist at the University of Coimbra considers that, although academic publications favor the English language, the interest of the multinational publisher represents «the affirmation of the Portuguese language».

Of the approximately 200 periodical titles that will be included in the start-up phase of the Fonte Académica, close to 50 are published by the University of Coimbra, said Carlos Fiolhais.