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Data Robotics announces DroboPro, now with eight storage bays

Data Robotics announced this morning DroboPro, an external bay that now supports up to eight Serial ATA storage devices, allowing it to gather up to 16TB of storage (each with 2TB) using common hard disk technologies. The number helps to expand Drobo's automatic data redundancy, supporting simultaneous failures of up to two disks and dynamically swapping drives as they are added, removed or partitioned into new volumes.


DroboPro, also, the first Drobo to come with built-in Ethernet, also serving as a NAS (Network-Attached Storage), despite continuing with the USB 2.0 and FireWire 800 ports of recent models. This professional version also supports iSCSI over the Ethernet connection, supposedly without the need for special configuration on Mac OS X and Windows.


An empty DroboPro model has a suggested price of US $ 1,300, which can reach up to US $ 4,000 when loaded with all drives and adding 16TB of internal space.

(Via: Macworld.)