Sapo opens laboratory at the University of Aveiro

Data protection concerns more than half of Europeans

Sapo opens laboratory at the University of Aveiro

Sixty-four percent of European Union citizens are concerned about data protection issues. The number does not represent a very significant evolution compared to previous analyzes conducted by the body, but it is accompanied by other data that reveal some expectation regarding the capacity of the legislation to maintain adequate data protection levels with the increasing use of Information Technologies in all countries. sectors of society.

The same fears are felt by those who in private organizations control information flows, although they express agreement regarding the balance between data protection mechanisms and the need to respect citizens’ privacy rights and legal restrictions are necessary (91 percent of respondents ).

Europeans argue, on the other hand, that the levels of information on data protection mechanisms are not at the desirable level and should be more visible and show a tendency to consider that in their country the levels of information protection are lower (48 per cent). percent of respondents).

Most citizens are unfamiliar with legal data protection authorities and three quarters are unfamiliar with legislation in this area.

Access to personal data to prevent terrorism is viewed naturally, provided it is exercised within clearly defined limits. The monitoring of information related to flights is that which a greater number of respondents consider acceptable (82 percent), followed by the monitoring of Internet use (75 percent) or telephone calls (72 percent).

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