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Data from the University of Virginia indicate growth in the use of Macs in the educational segment

Macs-infested university

Apple has long had a much more significant share of the educational segment in the United States than in the market as a whole. Recently, however, its share seems to have increased even more, as shown by graphs of a survey conducted recently by the University of Virginia.

From 1997 to c, the representation of students using computers with Mac OS has increased absurdly compared to those who prefer Microsoft Windows. For 12 years, Apple has had a very good share, with 6.6% of the total; in 2008, it closed up taking 37.5% of the students, see what a marvel.

Macs at Virginia University

The trend does not deny … And another very interesting thing: currently, 98.8% of users own laptops. In 1997, they were only 16.4% of the total. How things change!

(Via: Daring Fireball.)