Data from the Presidency of the Republic, police and banks released online in retaliation for the Anonymous case

A group of hackers will have accessed thousands of email addresses and their passwords from public entities, including the office of the Presidency of the Republic, the Attorney General's Office, the police, banks, parties, Social Security and even football clubs. The group of hackers, known as CyberTeam, have planned a concentrated attack to release this data online, on the day the trial of the Anonymous collective case began, advances the Correio da Manh.

The trial brings 21 people accused of hacking, including Rui Cruz, the founder of TugaLeaks. The publication advances that the attack, which even released data on websites for adults, was retaliation to divert attention from the trial. Confidential data from social networks, including file sharing, as well as records made on websites of sexual encounters with institutional accounts were released.

The hackers are said to have left a message with the face of Jos Scrates with the phrase a cvic duty for all Portuguese to fight against corruption.

The list of public entities that were victims of the exhibition includes the police, GNR, PSP and PJ, the Force Area and the Navy. The Municipal Chamber of Lisbon, Porto, Santarm, Oeiras, Viana do Castelo and Bragana, as well as the regional governments of Madeira and the Azores also saw several data shared. Like the banks Novo Banco, BPI, CGD and even Banco de Portugal were targeted.

But the list does not end there, and companies like EDP, MEO, Sonae, Pingo Doce, Rdio Popular, Worten, Fnac, ZON, NOS, Efasec, Sonangol are also included, as well as in the football area the big three and the Braga, as well as the FPF itself. Public newspapers, DN, JN, TSF and Agência Lusa were also affected.