Dash to Panel receives update with improvements and corrections


Customization in the Linux world is one of the things that attracts the most people who prefer to have the system with “their face”, thus giving touches that can make it unique.

For anyone using Gnome-Shell, this would be no different.

Many do not like the proposal of the GNOME “Pure” (Vanilla) or the distros that modify it, as Ubuntu, ZorinOS, Pop! _OS among others.

One of the extensions that is most used for such modification, is the dash to panel.

This extension unifies two others, the GNOME Shell Dash and the GNOME Top Bar, thus delivering all the features of these extensions in a single bar.

The improvements presented in version 20 of the dash to panel are:

  • Provided a variety of styles for the preview windows, such as size, padding, opacity, button location, header visibility and font style;
  • Possibility to add shortcuts to the context menu on the Show Applications button;
  • Windows Preview is scaled and dynamically sized in thumbnails instead of having a fixed size in them.
  • Option to hide options from running applications
  • Better compatibility with Gnome 3.32

For more details, you can consult their release here.

For now, version 20 has not yet been released in Gnome Extensions, but when it is, and if you have the extension installed, you will receive the update notice.

But if you want to test beforehand, just download the ZIP and extract it in this way:

/ home /user/.local/share/gnome-shell/extensions

Where are user, you enter your system user name.

Then, to manage the installed extension, just use the «Settings», if you have not installed it, just search the store (Gnome Software or Ubuntu Software).

If you want to install version 19, just go to the dash to dock page in Gnome Extensions, and enable it.

If you need more ways to install, just access their guide.

We have a very nice tutorial by my friend Henrique, from the OSistemático channel, on how to customize the dash to panel.

This article does not end here, keep exchanging an idea there in our forum.

I wait for you next time, a big hug.

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