Dash to dock comes in version 67, with features similar to Unity’s

Dash to dock arrives at version 67, with features similar to Unity

Famous for Gnome Shell, it has received some very interesting features for users.

Some distros that use the Gnome Shell as a graphical environment, in some cases make some adjustments with extensions, such as the Ubuntu with the extensive Ubuntu Dock, which is derived from another popular extension, Dash I’m Dock, which recently received a new verse.

Dash to dock arrives at version 67, with features similar to Unity's Dash 67’s Dash to Dock now supports Gnome Shell 3.34, where we did a very complete coverage of this issue here.

To bring support for Gnome 3.34, developer Michele G needed to modernize the extension code, thus ceasing to support previous versions of Gnome. But without panic, as only versions up to v66 will work normally.

The two new features that will be present in this version of Dash to Dock, are the inclusion of the trash can icon and the removable device icon (such as USB stick, external hard drives and the like). This feature was already in the plans, as we reported here, that could arrive in Ubuntu Dock as well. To install the extension, simply login here and enable it. To check out the release post, you can access it here. This article does not end here, keep exchanging an idea there in our forum.

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