Darktable 3.0 é lançado com grandes mudanças e novos módulos

Darktable 3.0 is released with major changes and new modules.

Open source solution for non-destructive and raw photo editing comes in version 3.0.

For those who work with photo manipulation, having an application to edit them without destroying them is essential, and Darktable is very efficient in this segment.

Darktable 3.0 released with major changes and new modules At the beginning of the year (2019), we made a list of other apps for this feature, which you can check out here.

The new version of Darktable comes with over 3000 tool commits over version 2.6 of the application. There was also a redesign of the interface, which is now managed by GTK CSS. This enables a selection of different themes and some are already provided to try.

Some of the news of this version are:

New shortcuts to allow a "borderless editing experience";

Added lighttable undo / redo support for tags, color labels, ratings,

metadata, exclusion history, transfer history and

applied styles;

New timeline view in lightview;

Enhanced support for 4K and 5K displays;

New cinematographic tone, basic and RGB equalizer modules;

Module for manipulating 3D transformations RGB Lut;

Noise Reduction Adjustments;

Support for exporting to Google Photos;

You can now display hierarchical tags in a tree view;

Tags can be private;

Color picker added to multiple modules;

Viewing window available in darkroom.

To check out all the other news and in more detail, you can check it here or on the project's Github. To install the DarktableYou can follow the procedure that the project suggests.

So far only on Github this new version is available, but most likely will arrive soon in the distros repositories.

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