Dark WhatsApp theme shouldn’t be completely … dark

Tema Gelap WhatsApp seharusnya tidak sepenuhnya ... gelap

Night mode in new images

Update, by Bruno Salutes (5/20 at 1:14 pm)

New images of the dark theme of WhatsApp leaked again through the hands of WABetaInfo. Version 2.19.145 brings the presence of dark mode in most parts of the system, as revealed by the website, although the depth of the black level is not compatible with what was previously leaked in other previous versions of the messenger. In this version, a darkened theme is available, with bluish tones:

ContactPicker NightMode side

Bluish theme / © WABetaInfo

Clues to the dark theme of WhatsApp have previously appeared between versions 2.19.138, 2.19.85 and 2.19.133. For some users the beta version fills the settings area of ​​the app, while for others the visible changes are in the notification center with the dark WhatApp icon and in the contact list.

What all users have pointed out in this version, however, is that the black tone of the changes follows a grayish tint, as well as the classic green WhatsApp, which is darker.

391708 side wabetadark

Grayish WhatsApp theme / © WaBetaInfo

The feature was like a hidden function in version 2.19.82, released at the beginning of the year for few users. Who tested and managed to access it at the time was also the WaBetaInfo website through the menu for developers. The iOS version, however, has been testing dark Mode since last year.


Dark theme on Android / © WaBetaInfo

Protection against screenshots

In its most recent Beta version (2.19.106) WhatsApp is testing a feature that is sure to be a hit with many users: the ability to prevent screenshots of conversations from being made, preventing your content from being seen or passed on by eavesdroppers.

According to the website WABetaInfo feature works transparently, and is an extension of biometric authentication that already exists in the iOS version and recently appeared in a Beta on Android (see below). With the “Fingerprint Security” feature enabled, the user will have to confirm his fingerprint to access the conversations and it will be impossible to take screenshots of the screen.

WhatsApp Screenshot Security

Fingerprint will protect conversations and prevent screenshots / © WABetaInfo

Android allows apps to block this feature to protect content for copyright or privacy reasons. Netflix, for example, does not allow screenshots to be taken while a video is playing.

Fingerprint authentication appeared in version 2.19.83 of WhatsApp Beta. Beta versions (in development) are distributed from Google Play, and the number of participants in the program is limited. Keep in mind that the features present in a Beta version may not be implemented in the final product, at the discretion of the developer.

WhatsApp – New Voice Messaging Section

Beta version 2.19.89, available for download on the APK Mirror, displays a redesigned section that shows the audios stored in the messenger. Basically, the older gray interface was replaced by an optimized panel that displays more details about each recording, such as size, length of audio and can still hear the file on the page itself, which was not previously possible.

In addition, this version offers the option for group administrators to block messages that are routed frequently. Another change is in the amount of audio forwarding or sending that is now limited to 30 messages at a time.

whatsapp audio attachment old 329x658 tile

Redesigned audio section / © Android Police

WhatsApp – Accept or decline group invitations

WhatsApp is releasing for iOS and Android users a feature that involves privacy within the platform. It will now be possible to refuse or accept an invitation to join a group, that is, no one will be able to add your number to any group without your permission.

To activate it, go to Settings in your app, then tap Account> Privacy> Groups and select one of the three options: «Nobody» (where nobody can add you to any group without your approval), «My contacts» ( only contacts can add you in advance), or «everyone» (anyone can add you). Invitations must be sent in private and expire up to three days after sending.

WhatsApp – Money transfer

WABetaInfo has just released another news about future WhatsApp features. That’s because Brazil, the United Kingdom and Mexico are on the route of the money transfer feature between contacts, which can be launched at any time. The function was found in the application’s source code, not yet visible.

The system used by WhatsApp changes according to the country, since it is necessary to adapt the process of validating and verifying transfers in accordance with the rules of the local bank of each government, the Central Bank, in our case.

WhatsApp – Tool against fake news

WhatsApp is testing a new tool that will serve as a link to Google Image, where the user will be able to make sure if the content he received, photo in this case, is a fake montage or something along those lines. The discovery was made by WABetaInfo in version 2.19.73 beta.

The feature will be available within the conversation at the top right. In addition, the app is gaining new emojis with flags and icons of sexual genders, such as the transsexual flag. None of these new features are available to everyone using this version, as testing is limited.

F470698B 6F2B 44FB B6C3 AAE04A010DB8 side

Fake News and new gender flags / © WABetaInfo

WhatsApp beta is implementing, still in the testing phase, a new system for searching files. This option is more advanced than the current one, since the current one is restricted to searching passages and keywords between conversations. Today, for you to find a file or link you shared, you need to join the conversation and go to the profile of the other contact to manually search for the files.

This new system will allow you to find photos by typing in «photos» or search for links using the «links» tag. There will also be a section where all available files will be accessible separately, which can help keep your device’s storage up to date. The novelty was tested by the staff of WABetaInfo and should arrive on iOS and Android soon.

381196 side

New advanced search system © WaBetaInfo

WhatsApp – ‘Vacation Mode’ and social networks

WhatsApp is testing a deeper do not disturb mode, which will disable notifications completely and will not change the order of messages within the app. When activating «Vacation Mode», no archived messages will be returned to the messenger’s conversation page, maintaining the maximum «silence» so that the user is not disturbed.

Another novelty, although not yet visible, will be the integration with social networks, Facebook and Instagram above all. The idea of ​​WhatsApp is to target the ads that will be displayed in the Status, as we talked about in the topic below, based on the algorithms of these networks that capture the interests of its users. Both news will arrive soon in the final versions, while beta users can already test the feature on iOS and Android.

WhatsApp – Ads in Status

Although not yet visible, beta 2.18.305 already brings indications that the platform being developed to promote ads should be implemented soon. The information was officially confirmed by the company:

The ads will be displayed in the Status in a customized way, that is, Facebook must use data linked to the social network or based on the regional targeting. It is also not yet known whether the company will display advertisements among the User Status or in a separate publication, as Instagram usually does to present news added in updates.

How to download the beta version of WhatsApp

If you are interested in learning about the next features of WhatsApp, you can join the official testing program of the service. It is worth remembering that the app package available on the official WhatsApp website (whatsapp.com/android) will remain hosted on the messenger page.

With the program, new updates, even if preliminary, will be distributed through Google Play. For this, the interested user must access this page, sign in with the Google Account and download WhatsApp on the device, if the app is not already installed. Ready! After signing up, just wait for new beta version updates to be notified. Once enrolled in the program, it will no longer be necessary to download the APK through the WhatsApp website.

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