Dark theme for Samsung Galaxy S6 / Edge

Tema gelap untuk Samsung Galaxy S6 / Edge

The Samsung Galaxy S6 it’s the S6 Edge came with a themes section for the software, at the launch of smartphones, Samsung presented some themes of its own and promised an SDK for third parties to design their own themes. The HSTM user from XDA-Developers created a dark theme for them, see how to install.

dark theme s6

The theme mixes black with red. / © HS

Installation is quite simple, just follow these steps:

  1. If you are using the Urban theme, from the Samsung theme store, uninstall it;
  2. Install the APK available at this link;
  3. After installing the APK above, wait a minute or two and install the Urban theme from the Samsung store – an installation error message will appear, but the theme will be installed;
  4. Go to the APK theme and select Dark S6.

No root or recovery to install the theme.

dark theme s6b

More screenshots of the theme. / © HS

For now, the developer has already included in the theme Settings, the system interface, Contacts, Calendar, lock screen, wallpaper, Dialer, Gallery, Calculator, MMS and almost all the Clock.

Some important details: the developer HSTM was chosen by Samsung to make official themes in the manufacturer’s store, however this theme is not official and is still in beta; the black used is not true, that is, the AMOLED screen will not turn off the black pixels to save energy; the project is still under development, so it is not complete, and the theme is exclusive for Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge.

For more information on the topic, just follow the conversation on the XDA forum or check out Hiten Soni’s profile.

Did you like the dark theme for the S6 / Edge?