Dark Screen on HP Pavilion Notebook with Ubuntu (how to solve this problem)

Did you install Ubuntu on your HP Notebook and got a dull dark screen? Learn how to solve this problem.

Someone turn on the light!

If you're here because you're so sad, or upset that Ubuntu (or any other Linux) won't keep your HP notebook screen at full brightness for long. Yes now of course, I'm talking about a very specific user niche, but since I got an HP Notebook and had this problem I will leave this article to try to help others who might go through the same problem.

without dark light

What happens after all

As you can see, HP notebooks have a certain incompatibility with the Linux Kernel (up to version 3.5 of course, newer versions in the test) that cause the screen brightness to drop to zero and you need it (it was I made at least) a flashlight to illuminate the screen and see where it is clicking. Even so, after the installation completes the problem persists, sometimes I need to open and close the lid of the notebook so that the lighting comes back, soon after it goes dim and you see nothing at all.

As I needed to resort to foreign forums and I want to leave my contribution in Portuguese so that people do not stop using Linux on their HP computers just for this reason.

hp Pavilion and minor incompatibilities

How to fix this problem

Well, the primary idea is to let it shine at maximum since boot, so we will need to edit a file in GRUB and if your screen is dark try using a flashlight or light from your phone to see something, also try opening and close the notebook to see if "the light comes on". Open the terminal and paste the command below:

gksudo gedit / etc / default / grub

Find the line:


and add acpi_backlight = vendor, getting the full line like this:

GRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX_DEFAULT = "quiet splash acpi_backlight = vendor"

Close the text editor by saving the change.

Update Grub to include the change with the command:

sudo update-grub

Restart the system.

And that, with this modification now the brightness should be correct.

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