Dark Mode for Safari extension “forces” sites to go dark

Dark Mode for Safari

THE Dark Mode is here to stay.

After landing on macOS Mojave 10.14, it arrived on iOS 13 and is now part of the daily lives of many users.

Although much of the operating system is impacted by the feature and takes on that dark appearance, when you open the Safari most likely you are faced with a beautiful white background from some website, completely contrasting with your visual choice.

Why does it happen? Well, websites don’t necessarily follow that rule – Apple even created a way for web developers to support Dark Mode on their sites, but then everyone embarks on this…

But there is a way to “force” sites to go dark, using the extension Dark Mode for Safari from developer Alexandru Denk.

Dark Mode for Safari app icon

This extension changes the color scheme of the websites you visit, either to make reading more pleasant in a low-light environment or simply to make everything match the dark appearance of macOS.